Types of Servo Motor

The motors are classified into different types based on their application like Brushless DC, AC, continuous rotation, linear and positional rotation, etc. Typical servo motors contain three wires such as power control and ground. The outline and dimension of these motors depend on their applications. The most common type of this motor is an RC servo motor used in interest applications like robotics due to their ease, reliability, and affordability of control by microprocessors.


DC Servo Motor

Generally, this motor has a separate DC source in the winding and the armature winding field. The control can be archived either by controlling the armature current or field current. Field control comprises some benefits over armature control. Similarly, armature control comprises some benefits over field control. Based on the uses the control should be functional to the DC servo motor. This motor offers very precise and also quickly react to start or stop commands due to the low armature inductive reactance. These motors are used in related equipment and computerized mathematically controlled machines.


AC Servo Motor

This motor includes an encoder which is used with controllers for giving closed-loop control and also feedback. This motor can be employed to high accuracy and also controlled exactly as required for the applications. Often these motors have advanced designs of easiness or better bearings and some simple designs also use higher voltages in order to achieve greater torque. AC motor applications, mainly involved in robotics, automation, CNC machinery, etc.


Positional Rotation Servo Motor

This is the most common type of motor and the o/p of the shaft rotates in about 180o. It comprises physical stops situated in the gear device to stop revolving outside limits to protect the rotation sensor. These common servomotors include radio-controlled cars, radio-controlled water, toys, aircraft, robots, and many other applications. As a professional servo motor manufacturer & supplier, we provide kinds of types

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