A servo motor is a rotary actuator that takes into consideration exact control of precise position. It comprises of an motor coupled to a sensor for position criticism. It additionally requires a servo drive to finish the system. The drive utilizes the criticism sensor to definitely control the rotating position of the motor.


CHUANGYI's group of servo motors gives you remarkable decision and adaptability so you can choose the best servo motor for your application. By matching our servo motors with our group of fitting and-play servo drives, choosing the correct movement control items has never been simpler.


Standard CHUANGYI servo motors and servo drives offer the smartest possible solution – the specific determinations of a custom arrangement with the quicker conveyance times and lower cost of a standard list item. For your genuinely extraordinary movement control applications, work with our designing group to redo an answer for your machine plan. In any case, standard item or altered, we can assist you with picking the movement control arrangement that meets your precise necessities.


Our servo motors are intended for even the most difficult conditions. Regardless of whether you need a servo motor to withstand the thorough washdown schedules of food and drink creation, to offer blast proof execution in oil and gas activities, or work under outrageous temperature conditions, CHUANGYI has you covered.


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