Usually, stepper motor comprises of two sections, rotor and stator. The rotor of 2 stage stepper motor have 50 teeth, and the rotor moves 1/4 of the pitch to be lined up with the following stage. The stator of the stepping motor has two windings and four wires.


2 stage stepper motor is a mixture stepper motor with 2 stage. This stepper motor from CHUANGYI has following benefits:


First, the over-burden is acceptable. The speed isn't influenced by the size of the heap. The stepper motor has exacting necessities on speed and position.


The second is helpful control. The stepper motor turns in units of "steps" and the advanced highlights are more self-evident.


Third, the design of this stepper motor is basic. The conventional mechanical speed and position control structure is confounded and hard to change. Subsequent to utilizing this stepper motor, the construction of the entire machine is straightforward and conservative. The tachometer engine changes over the speed into a voltage and passes it to the contribution as a criticism signal.


CHANGZHOU CHUANGYI MOTOR & ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO.,LTD., founded in 2002, is the professional hybrid stepping motor manufacturer. Our products are widely used in many machines such as sewing machine, 3D printing machine,vertical packing machine, CNC Lathe Machine, embroidering machine and so on.


With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, our products are extensively used in automation equipment and other industries.


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